Prayer Program 24/7 at Many Mansion Spiritual Centre

We Will Pray For You Program

This is a special program implemented by our pastors and assisted by volunteers. Each week, we appeal to God and the benevolent spiritual forces for blessings of relief on behalf of others.

We believe in miracles and the power of the Divine to effect change in the lives of anyone who asks! We believe this because we have witnessed evidence. We have seen miraculous healings. All things truly are possible.

The key is that you have to ask. There is a spiritual law that none may interfere with your free will. However, when you appeal to the Divine, there can be intervention, through the application of the Law of Grace.

Are you in pain?
Are you ill?
Are you in financial distress?
Are you experiencing grief?
Are you having difficulties in life?

If you are in need, we are here to help. Our community of spiritual healers will ask for a blessing on your behalf. We will appeal to the divine forces above and ask for a prayer of relief of suffering for you.

Fill out the form to the right to submit your request. We will do all we can to help.

To support us in this program, you may join us in prayer. Assistance in the form of a monetary contribution would also be greatly appreciated. Your energy, prayers, and generosity go a long way towards helping us help others. Collectively, we can make a difference and better the lives of others.

Prayer Request